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Centauri Pre-Workout Single Serving (Galactic Punch)

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Centauri Pre-Workout Single Serving (Galactic Punch)

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We created a single-serve packet that contains one full serving of our powerful formulation. It was created to help those who are on the fence about purchasing a full 30 serving bottle

What's in it?

Our formulation contains five, hard-hitting ingredients that are sure to provide the ultimate workout experience!

  • 600mg Active Dose AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC

    AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC is an advanced choline compound that enhances brain metabolism. It increases the release of acetylcholine, the body and brain’s primary neurotransmitter chemical. It boosts all mental functions, increases power output, agility, reaction, and eye-hand coordination. No other pre-workout supplement currently contains the same active dose that we do. It is a game-changing ingredient!

  • 400mg Caffeine Anhydrous

    Caffeine is one of the most highly researched and widely used ingredients on the planet. The dosage of this ingredient in our formulation is specifically designed to help provide a much-needed jump start for the early morning workouts or an energy boost for any early afternoon training sessions. 

  • 8,000mg L-Citrulline DL Malate

    L-Citrulline Malate is an amino acid compound that is produced when the amino acid ornithine is combined with carbamoyl phosphate. This happens during the urea cycle, which is a way the body disposes of nitrogen waste. Studies have also shown that added citrulline increases the amount of arginine in the blood leading to increased nitric oxide production which translates to longer workouts, less soreness after strenuous activity, and better recovery.

  • 3,200mg Beta Alanine

    Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that serves as the limiting amino acid in carnosine. It raises carnosine levels in the muscles by up to 58 percent in just four weeks, and 80 percent in 10 weeks. It helps improve muscle performance and endurance during high-intensity exercise.

  • 2,500mg Betaine Anhydrous

    Betaine Anhydrous is a compound present in beets, spinach, wine, seafood, and cereals. It helps in the metabolism of a chemical called homocysteine. Homocysteine is involved in the normal function of many different parts of the body, including blood, bones, eyes, heart, muscles, nerves, and the brain. It is also a common ingredient in workout supplements and is known for it capacity to improve exercise performance and improving body composition.

The Centauri Difference

  • Explosive Energy

    Massive energy boost for even the most extreme workout sessions!

  • Reduce Fatigue

    Increased repetitions as a result of reduced fatigue may lead to larger gains!

  • Enhanced Focus

    Experience a laser-sharp focus and an enhanced mind to muscle connection!

  • Massive Pumps

    Increased blood flow promotes longer-lasting and intense muscle pumps!